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Malls.Ru is an internet-source related to shopping centers and shops

Malls.Ru is the first and the sole electronic edition covering shopping centers (malls) segment. The site supplies commercial real estate news, observes main retail trade events and navigates on shopping centers, shops and malls entertainments.

Publishing in partnership with Malls.Com.

On our web-site you can find an illustrated detailed and regularly updated catalogue of Russian shopping centers. Photos, descriptions, characteristics and full lists of the shops are available within this catalogue. All commercial real estate project news and events are reflected in our news block.

Malls.Ru contains the full list of shops located inside big Russian shopping centers. All retail network shops are classified by malls and maximum useful information provided.

Specialists could be interested in «For Rent» column containing commercial premises calls and offers and «Services» with servicing companies announcements.

As a primary objective Malls.Ru willing to become a convenient tool for professionals and a useful guidebook for customers.

For Malls administration

Shopping centers information, photos, route maps, shops lists, entertainments are accepted and placed on our site free of charge. Your high-graded presence on Malls.Ru will help you to create positive and attractive image among retail chains, real estate agencies and other participants of commercial estate market.

It is quite important that customers are considerable part of web-site audience. Using our web-source malls visitors could plan their shopping carefully, get oriented inside the mall and what is more important, they will get loyal to shopping malls which will ensure the growth of regular customers.

Using Malls.Ru facilities you could notify all site visitors about forthcoming events in your shopping centers. The editors are in touch with many malls management teams and you can contact us in case you would like your shopping mall to be presented in our site.

  • E-mail: info@malls.ru
  • Phone: +7 (495) 585-05-98
  • Skype: dbalakirev

For retail networks

Malls.Ru database consists of around 800 retail names opened with the biggest Moscow shopping centers. Under every shop entry you can find short descriptions, categorized goods in accordance with shop`s assortment.

We understood that this kind of catalogue is crucial for malls representatives and property management companies as far as they are looking at retail networks development trends and new potential tenants. Due to this Malls.Ru became a unique base for retail networks promotion in their professional environment and a confident common ground for establishing new relations with administration.

It is very interesting that information about shops attracts innumerous number of visitors. Hundreds of potential customers are visiting Malls.Ru pages every day. The main interest is in shop locations, assortment, new collections announcements and sales information. These facts give you an opportunity to bring extra customers to your shops.

Malls.Ru audience

Malls.Ru attendance constantly growths. In 2013 the number of daily visitors exceeded 12 000 persons with 35 000 pages reviews. All most popular Russian internet-counters are used for statistics. All numbers are publicly available.

User registration system is implemented on Malls.Ru, all registered users can take part in the web-conferences, make comments and participate in surveys. 

Our monthly audience ran up to 350 000 people. 

Some interesting info to observe:

Middle age of the Malls.Ru users is 29 years (1976)
Audience age division: 74% — women, 26% — men
Audience geographical division: 96.8% — Russia (Moscow — 86.8%; SPb — 4.1%)


  • E-mail: info@malls.ru
  • Phone: +7 (495) 585-05-98
  • Skype: dbalakirev

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Аренда , Москва и область
Торговое помещение в супермаркете "Атак"

Арендная ставка: 7 200 руб. кв.м./год

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Veer Mall

Площадь: 167 000 м2

Адрес: проспект Космонавтов, 108